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Twin Souls & Flames

Regarding Twin-Souls…

Recall My words on what this journey is truly about, as it is a ‘real’ one, yet just like Satan operating through his pawns in religion and in Hollywood, distorting any amount of Righteous Truth, he can attempt to, through hyper-romanticism among 3D limited thinking…the Twin journey is a ‘Spiritual’ one, long before it is ever a ‘physical’ one between two. That is the fact of the matter. The Twin journey is one designed for the ultimate Union with God, our Maker, well before there’s even a ‘possibility’ for physical Union between the Twins in ‘true’ bliss not toxicity. It’s a journey of hard-knock Spiritual lessons as these are Souls who’ve Ascended before only to fall and forget their Maker and their place in Heaven…wrapped up in the lusts and illusions of Satan on earth.

Consider the Twin journey the road to redemption for the Souls that were once elevated in Heaven. What God has joined together (in creation point of Souls) no man can come between. This is the ‘Spirit’ component of it. In separation for lifetimes, each Twin has a yearning for the other “half” as we say, but ultimately God reveals it is a yearning for ‘Him’. One Twin, ‘often’ the feminine-dominant between the two (irrespective of biological gender) will awaken well in advance and set themselves on the path, finding deeper and deeper heart-centered intimacy and Union with God, and the commitment to full surrender, even if that means giving up the other Twin, to their own lessons and stepping out of their life all together.

There is always an unbroken and unbreakable Spiritual bond between such connections as it comes ‘from’ God In ‘Uncondtional’ Love…that Love is eternal, therefore the more awakened, ultimately desires for the other, their own full surrender and Union with God, knowing there is no other way to any physical union that could serve the Higher Purpose of Divine Love, without pulling the more awakened one back and down. To which God cannot allow the one advanced and ahead to lose sight of his or her individual Mission. Twins are critical to the evolution of Spiritual Awakening on the planet and irrespective of what Twins may be able to achieve together, each are ultimately on their own path with ‘God’ and in ‘God’s timing. The Author of Such ‘Divine’ Love (unconditional) and Faith in Him.

This doesn’t involve attachment any longer when one between the two’s Union with God has been solidified, after a long and arduous path of development. Twin Souls mirror back to one another the healing and Spiritual evolvement they are in need of. Through lifetimes of separation, whether they are aware of the other ‘in the 3D’ or not. Any sooner than both being evolved enough to the levels that enable the blissful Union in God, can and is often ‘toxic’ as the 3D component is dealing with everything from attachment issues, abandonment issues, 3rd dimensional fear-based programming issues, substance abuse and dependency issues etc.

The nature of the path is an individual one for each, and for as long as God deems necessary… and the Awakened one between the two inner-stands this at the quantum-micro level. God replaces any yearning they once had for the ‘physical’ person with the yearning for more and more of ‘God’ / Holy Spirit Union, thus enabling the one between the two, even without the other, to fulfill her/his Mission for having taken embodiment for the purpose of full Ascension…never to ‘have’ to descend again.

Unconditionally Loving Twin Soul,



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