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Transfixed by the Glory of the Soul’s Yearning Home…

where old memories resurface of the life altering moments in timeless time, clasped by one opening beat of the silent sound and rhyme; on some loop, while soaring on flightless wings; with a perfect stranger you knew so well and didn’t know at all; out of touch, so far away, yet closer than the heartbeat in your chest; the impossible remained impossible and possible; the blocking, all some years later, still blocking; clipping the wings you once soared on…to remind you how some never let go, nor let you in, nor help you fly or grow, and still they do, all at the same time, this you 'Know'…as I think to myself ‘it must have been that cutting’ to the Soul—deeper than ‘anyone’ was ready to bleed, in Awakening 'The One', Ancient Spirit within; such a 'Beautiful' and 'Divine' Paradoxical Tragedy to the hole of 'The Whole'; ripping through the tragic fog of the world’s illusions to something you never knew that you knew so well; something so terrifyingly dark, yet pure, pristine, and clean simultaneously… the spark of ‘Knowing’ that you’ve danced with the Sound before; to the sinking feeling that you would no more, ‘Know’ anything else…as it was there all along in the soundless and glorious song; like 'The Echo' in the wind and 'The Light' breaking dawn...



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