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The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil…

Was placed in the Garden of Eden by Creator God Himself, for His ‘new human’ of Adams (Atoms) and Eves of earth, whom were complimentary and ethereal of Light, in Union with The Voice of God- not having lost their birthright ‘yet’ - telepathy and what we label in modern times as “extra” sensory - the ‘Clairs’- Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, ClairSentient, Telekinetic, Teleportation etc. The ability to move in and out of the earth plane on the ‘Mental’ and ‘Spiritual’ levels and without fear or restriction. As no fear was ‘had’ in God or ‘known’ outside the ‘Holy and Loving, Awestruck Reverent Fear of God’ the Creator of Souls—and prior to the densification of the body in matter of ‘the Ego’ - separation from perfect Holy Union and Bliss in God.

The literal and symbolic Tree offered twofold representation. First of a world that had been divided and destroyed by the ‘mis-use’ of free-will. Atlanteans playing God and creating inorganic, Soulless bots- because only God creates Souls- humanoid machines and self-destructive technology which only separated man from his Soul’s Creator and only further into darkness and dense matter. Death. The Tree of Life on the other hand representing ‘Grace, Mercy, Love, Truth, and as it is called ‘Life’- The Tree of Christ Consciousness, (aka) ‘The Way’ ‘Truth’ and ‘Life’.

In addition to the ‘forbidden’ arts of Satan’s Spirit, teaching ‘Self-Will’ over God’s. The ability to manifest whatever, whomever, one desires through ‘Magic’ and Sorcery in the ‘Knowledge’ of energy manipulation and the mis-use of ‘intention’ and earth elements to do so. The consequences of such mis-use of Source Power and Creation—were grave, and God Knew- that without dependency on Him, man would be doomed to the same self-destruction of Lucifer himself.

We parallel the timeline today and the story can go one way or the other, again. Have we learned our lesson yet? Rebelling against our Creator’s Instruction and our own Soul’s conviction does not yield Joy, but Ultimate Suffering and Pain, beyond physical, ‘Spiritual’ Pain, losing our Union and Birthright in God.

Lemurians understood this—those whom stood for ‘Unity’ and adherence to the organic and natural, biological evolution of mankind in his God-Endowed-Spirit of God’s ‘gifts’ unto Man- and in harmony with Nature’s Laws: “Do no harm” and “Revere The Creator of Souls” - these were the healers, seers, herbalists etc. whom only believed in using their birthright abilities and knowledge for the ‘good’ and ‘selfless’ not ‘selfish’ - ‘Self-Will’ above God’s Will for Self and others.

Versus Atlanteans with their drive (like Satan) to ‘be’ the gods over mankind. AI bots and machinery and “Black Magic Sorcery” - these were those whom would, as it goes, scapegoat those of ‘God’s’ ‘anointed’ ‘pure-heart’ and ‘natural’ endowed power centered in Unity with Him and Nature.

Atlanteans, in their rebellion, destroyed the world, with the mis-use of ‘free will’ and ‘Knowledge of the gods’ - the ‘Evil’ pertaining to ‘playing’ and ‘mimicking’ God in Creation, which had first begun with Lucifer’s Fall from Grace - and entrance of ‘Ego’ in the ethereal - creating division and ‘separation’ from ‘perfect union’ with God and his Souls- Lucifer’s Pride and Arrogance is the Sin that would inflict humanity all the same, should humanity fail to heed God’s Instruction again, it would again repeat self-destruction. God saw ahead and still honored his agreement to “free-will” for such Souls demanding it, but not one that came without consequences. To use with discernment and prayer to God over ‘Self-Will’ and ‘Arrogance’ like that of Lucifer’s in wanting to ‘replace’ him/Self with God.

Lucifer, God’s ‘created’ Soul elevated to the status of His Right Hand, and Host of the heavenly choirs- the most beautiful of all the Angels- yet it wasn’t enough for him -thus his ‘Pride’ being the 1st Sin / Ego. Taking a third of the angels with him to have dominion over the earth and humanity in a war over ‘all’ God’s Souls for himself, knowing his miserable fate already—having been cast out of heaven and perfect harmony with God for such arrogance. The same that would separate a carnal human child from his parent, going to war with his parent to ‘be’ them instead of ‘of’ them with divine and holy reverence. It is illusion and disillusionment of any child to believe this is even possible to achieve.

The second symbol of the Tree was to represent the illusion of appearances. It represented our need to heed God’s Voice and ‘One’ instruction otherwise be deceived and Self-destruct, by ‘Self-Will’ - assuming we know what is ‘good’ for us, when this is the farthest thing from God’s Truth, knowing His Souls better than they could ever know themselves. The ‘choice’ given that there is anything to choose from at all. Nevertheless, without His Wisdom, doomed.

And what looks ‘perfect’ and ‘satisfying’ and ‘most beautiful of all’ the others, may in fact be poisonous and deadly by Nature, just as the first Sin of Lucifer represented in the symbol of the ‘Snake’ - which can look harmless, and sound ‘wise’ and full of knowledge - until his prey is bitten, and the venom spreads throughout the body and into the heart - to ‘take’ Life, not give it.

It is not a creature to ‘play’ with, without proper understanding of the consequences of any type of snake it could be, venomous or not and although it represents intelligence, persuasion, and seduction all the same—death and demise.

Yet, God honors his agreement with ‘free-will’ to allow His Souls their own will to use ‘freely’ but not to be confused with ‘free’ of consequence either way, and He knew what He was doing to ‘protect’ his beloved human from their own self-destruction and harm when instructing ‘not’ to eat of that ‘one’ tree nor fall into temptation of it. Not in any kind of ‘tyranny’ as Satan would have you believe, but out of the Loving Kindness of a Loving and protective Parent- Creator.

Unlike Lucifer being the ‘most beautiful and alluring of all’ - yet a ‘Venomous’ and Poisonous snake underneath, camouflaged and slithering in the grass, looking for his next ‘prey’ God does ‘not’ deceive and gives clear warning to consequences that come with asserting our own will ‘over’ His in our lives.

When we understand having ‘learned’ the pain of separation and not heeding God’s Will over our own temptations and curiosities brought on by Satan, we only ‘hurt’ ourselves. So, when God declares to ‘heed’ the warning, through those whom are in His Perfect Harmony and dependence on Him, it is not for any other purpose than our own ‘collective’ Good’ as God will always know what is ‘best’ for us, and as God is the ‘only’ Protector we could need, speaking through those Vessels of His in Holy Reverence and Unity with Him.

And that no amount of what a venomous and deceptive snake can ‘offer’ without robbing the essence of Life (God) Himself from the vessels and souls of man can compare to God’s ‘Goodness’ unto HIS Souls, which never did nor would ‘belong’ to Satan.

Satan’s ‘wisdom’ in the form of ‘Luciferian Enlightenment’ is not the same as God’s Wisdom. And this is the ultimate lesson for every Soul, every Being in Creation. Free-Will comes at a cost, as ‘all’ things do, to the Soul and Spirit of Man. What is that cost?

No one wins when they seek to ‘mimic’ and ‘play’ God with “Dark Arts” over anyone - desiring to elevate themselves above God and be worshiped as idols and gods who manifest whatever they desire into existence through dark manipulation outside the ‘Will of God’…

There is One God and He does not play about such consequences of grave Evil - which is synonymous to Self-Destruction of Souls, on repeat, without redemption in Him. All the same as Lucifer. The eternal Soul (upon departing the Vessel) must face Itself and experience all pain of such misuse of Co-Creative Power, not asked for redemption in Christ prior to and upon departure from the vessel.

Christ, the closest and only physical manifestation of Divine God Himself in human form; on the contrary to Evil, is The Symbol of the Tree of ‘Life’ personified, and the ‘Way’ of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness of Sin- the Holy Sacrifice of God in giving what Souls had asked for as well as a way ‘back’ to Him, that must also be ‘asked’ for in order to receive; in heart, mind, body, Spirit. God is patient and forgiving, but we are not without due responsibility nor ‘free’ of our ‘own’ ‘free-willed’ choices—destruction, as pride will continue to destroy human Souls fallen from grace, just as Lucifer had. And The Father of Lies is just that, a liar. A miserable Liar who doesn’t seek humanity’s ’true’ Enlightenment from God but seek misery from them. As misery loves no one but its own kind of company.

We must learn to un-deceive ourselves and recognize the Anti-Christ Spirit, which is a Spirit poured out over ‘all’ but not ‘touching’ ‘all’ where God declares: “touch ‘not’ my anointed and do my prophets no harm,” being Righteous and ‘Just’ as He is for those whom revere him in heart, mind, and Spirit.

Given the current affairs, we must take note with discernment when a former President, just after a series of trials and lawsuits paid out, running for office again, appeals to the ‘Christian’ Faith, and uses Jesus as a scapegoat, while declaring (and I quote) he “lives in such a way that he doesn’t have to ask God for forgiveness” - this is the ‘same’ Pride of Satan. Do we not recognize it as such?

When he denies Evil doing - like the worst kind of it- raping a young girl to deny it - and is ‘free’ to run for office again, the world of his ‘Christian’ sympathizers must equally discern themselves what it truly means to be a ‘Christ’ follower and of ‘His’ Light in the World- v Satan himself (again)  “The Father of Lies” and Adversary - contrary to the message of Christ; we either discern as a Nation or not, and we shall be deceived again and again (or not) respectively. Placing ‘Anti-Christ’ Spirited man above God. And still, according to the tenants of ‘free-will’ does God determine- we shall ‘get what we ask for’ and what we ‘do’ even with such ‘Knowledge’ of Good and Evil do we only do unto ourselves.

With presidential campaigns and an Independent party now stepping up to the plate; a man led by conviction and true action in speaking up, showing up to rallies, and in the court rooms, challenging the most perverse forms of crime against humanity - and children, right in the White House and Pentagon—‘deserving’ of such a position of leadership by merit of his ‘actions’ over words.

We must learn to distinguish the Spirit of Christ v the Anti-Christ in ‘any’ man or woman seeking to lead a Nation whether the powers that be surrender to Christ or not, shall we be able to discern in ‘paying’ attention to the signs of the times.

The Spirit of Truth v Lies. Dear America, I pray we choose correctly, that God may bring ‘greatness’ to this Nation for the ‘first’ time in history as it was never “great” due to all aforementioned with such continuous abuse of Knowledge, and the chaos on earth and in the ethers as a result.

And I do pray for the fulfillment of God’s Promise - that Babylon America falls, to be rebuilt in Light of GOD’S Truth, Kindness, Love, Equality of human rights as ‘one’ race, Goodness, and Light—lest we walk ourselves to the slaughterhouse again on this Beautiful Earth GOD provided us…

Know Whom you serve and stand in Truth and Integrity, no matter the cost to your life, and you shall Know ‘True’ Freedom, which only comes from God, given to any Soul in surrender to His Will over Self-gain. We must discern to even discuss—the True Spirit of God Within, once again…



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