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No matter where you’ve…

been in life and no matter how you’ve expressed at any point; no matter how many people try to lock you in to some version they’ve decided you are because it works for their own narrative, even if it’s not true—allow them to anyway, and thank God for it. Thank God for those who love you properly ‘because’ they love themselves properly. They show up for you in the most meaningful ways, and vice versa. These are the ones, regardless of any label, that He gives you to see you for who you truly are in your ‘heart’ and ‘Soul’ where it matters, where God dwells. They do not speak ill on your name. They love you for you and know you love them the same for who they are and with no condemnation, but empathy, understanding, and compassion instead.

They are given to remind us that we are truly never alone and just a phone call away. They remind you that you are loved and supported, empowered with no need for competition or to be someone’s expectations of you. As you love and empower those ones all the same. These are the relationships that are unconditionally loving and rich in Spirit, meant to keep you on the Soul track you want to be on and stay on.

And thank God for those who don’t all the same, whether they make you the target of their own misery and hatred or not. They are the lessons and projections onto you, that shape you and help you discern who you truly are and who you aren’t.

They are there to remind you where you’ve been before, to where you’re headed, having chosen not to stay stuck in any past version of life that anyone wants to see you in. Every day thank God for His Grace. Thank God that no matter how hard anyone tried or tries to take you down, frame you, project on to you, thieve from you, harass your life, demean your character, attempt to sabotage your confidence in God—out of their ‘own’ misery: with God on your side, there is ‘always’ Victory. Because you are never a victim, even if they want and try to victimize you. They only victimize themselves.

When plans fall through don’t be disappointed but encouraged instead. Know that your plans are not always the best plans, and as you are committed to God, if it’s not for your highest good, He may just take it away and is asking you to trust Him if/ when those plans fall through, ‘because’ He has something ‘better’ than those plans of yours, just around the corner for you, as you ‘do’ trust Him completely: His Peace is Priceless.

And when those people don’t have your attention because they refuse to look in their own mirror and stay fixed on what you’re doing instead—pray for them. They are neither  happy nor accountable, and want to make you the villain in their story because of it—but you’re too far gone and out of their reach.

You’re too kept to yourself and to God. So continue to use all that energy, negative or positive, sent your way, to alchemize and fuel your remembrance of God, and to remain grateful for the blessins’ and lessons of Life, knowing that His Plans for your Life ‘do’ yield your Soul’s true bliss, no matter ‘what’ anyone is doing or ‘trying’ on you.

God is bigger than ALL things and ALL people. And He does not take well to anyone trying to play Him in ‘your’ Life. You need no other Defense than that which He has taken care of already. If His Son could go through all that He had while being ‘perfect’ for you, then you, ‘imperfect’ as you are, have something to hope for. Something to strive for.

You understand that change is the only constant and life is always changing to help you grow and evolve when you allow yourself to believe in yourself and most importantly, God. And when you do not lose the Hope in Him, you do ‘not’ lose ‘at all.’

Never fall for the appearances of things, where appearances may be deceiving. Dig deeper and dwell within the Comfort of The Holy Spirit that moves in you, to be the highest version of whom you came to be, for you, for God, and for all those you’re meant to impact for ‘His’ sake.

Life is about so much more than our own self indulgences and vanities, and on the other side of the coin, we are faced with this either way. We escape no thought, word, or deed committed on ourselves and others. Hence, needing to ‘always’ turn inward to God’s Voice. Life is given that we remember our need for total dependency on Him.

How we think and live today, affects how we think and live tomorrow. Guard your thoughts daily, in God alone, and you will never have a reason to be disappointed again. Or to not be who you are in Him, regardless of those who want to mold you into something else. When your Life feels blurry and out of focus, adjust the lens. See the bigger and clearer picture and know that you are never alone on your journey. The only hope lost is that which you’ve decided is lost, still with God ‘ALL’ things are possible…never forget it.



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