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No Cheating Spirit…

Updated: Mar 13

If you do someone dirty…

and you’re afraid of karma but that’s the only reason you try to come back around to apologize; not because you’re ’actually’ sorry or went through any true spiritual transformation (aka) ‘deep empathy’ from the other’s shoes, and proper time and healing of your own karma, and ‘without’ their energy as a shield for you…let me stop you right there in your thought track, if this is for you. When you’re in testing periods and you don’t ‘pass’ - it’s not to say you never will. But getting the lesson will come in another form.

Apologizing is simply acknowledging that you were in the wrong when you ‘know’ you were - and stating what those actions or words were, whether you ‘feel’ like saying sorry or not. It’s acknowledging you were in the wrong, period. Delaying that accountability does not make it go away. Even if you never spoke to that individual again. Your Soul will see and feel the weight of it. Your pride may forever be your downfall. The other person truly doesn’t have anything to do with ‘that’ part of your journey even if they were put on course to help you see it.

This amount of acknowledgment (breaking pride down) is like taking the first step on the bridge. But an apology is ‘not’ the same as a ‘truly’ ‘repentant’ ‘heart’ - and ‘God’ is the ‘only’ ‘true’ judge there. But so are the intentions and actions He bases that off of. Are we really ready to keep taking steps consistent with our apologies. Are we truly ready for ‘repentance’ - because more steps are required.

When we truly live by our faith and what we believe, we naturally change our actions. When we naturally change something we see worthy of change in us, having served its lesson and tiring us out, we naturally evolve.

When we feel remorse over our words and actions of the past, that we have acknowledged as ‘wrong’ or going against conviction and what we know to be True- it is the closest thing to empathy and being in another’s shoes that we can experience. Especially with God. But speaking on the wrong, is the overcoming of pride. Lucifer’s first Sin which became the default ego-  is what stands between us and true ‘Soul’ Joy, being close to God and Nature. Pride robs us of everything we need (God) to feel truly sane and stable no matter where we are and no matter who we are with.

As parents we take pride (good pride) in how we raise our kids with values, morals, virtues. And do we ‘make’ our children apologize to another whether they feel like it or not when they’re clearly in the wrong. Well, at least until they’re 18 we do! I do. And no, not because I’m a tyrant parent who “punishes” - I discipline. There’s a difference. And I know I can’t ‘make’ them ‘feel’ what they’re saying. Some would even say I’m fostering mixed messages and maybe to some degree they’d be right.

But I see it as a lesson to my kids. One, when Teacher Mommy is around and has to play referee and life-lesson giver at the same time, I want to see my kids be empathetic to one another as they would be to anyone else; able to acknowledge their wrongs on their own and speak for themselves. In making them say sorry to each other because they make me a part of it- they must each account for their individual contributions to the fight over _________ or_____ or ____ or … ok the list goes on and every parent gets that one. The list of things our children will be yelling at each other about. Even stepping in with questions for the one any one of them are going on about. Get the full picture. Give them my piece on it. Tell them they each know exactly what they did and said and they all have something to apologize for whether they want to or not.

But the beauty of watching your children become more and more empathetic to each other, and all the more self-aware because they have to say sorry in acknowledging what they did. “Angry or not, mommy better hear some sorries passed around right now!” as I’m walking away. And usually it takes less than ten minutes of me leaving the scene -because I can’t even handle it- to hear the truly ‘repentant’ and sincere apology on their own…  and I smile.

So making them apologize when they’re all screaming at me defending their positions, creates a nice break of crying and yelling voices, for just a moment of silence- teaching them that they can try to reel me in but I’m not their drama solver. They all contributed, work it out. And if one is clearly in the wrong, I’m not their defense either.

And back to the original point. Their energy is no longer a shield for you when you wanted to lie to them, or use them and siphon their gifts or resources for ‘selfish’ gain, competition, compensation—and all the same unbeknownst to them just giving love freely. Have you understood this part of the course? Just like the Devil who runs and hides with his tail between his legs. Even though God gives us blessings on blessings, do we ignore them? Do we take them and set them on the shelf for a later time? Do we 🚽on them? Do you run and hide from accounting for yourself? Do you run and hide from God? How far can you get? How long does it take? Now that would be some theoretical comedy to watch any Soul trying to hide from God.

And of course, The Devil, getting low vibrational humans to do his bidding against God, and if that’s all God saw—and that you  were / are more than willing to do someone ‘wrong’ for ‘money’ or ‘image’ then how could you go back thinking the same motives will fly? This is why He says, let’s stop you in your tracks.

That’s ‘the’ very reason ‘why’ He removed them from your life. That’s why you learned- that trying to do magic on them  or siphon their energy, backfired so much harder ‘because’ God needed you to wake up and see that what they were telling you was True. And God will still use them to explain to you what is happening and why you are in the predicament you are in regardless of ‘any’ other timeline, past or present. Because that’s what He does. That’s what ‘Love’ does to get His Souls on a path the Devil has no intention of helping them on.

Every ‘present’ is a clean slate to Ascend. The first step to overcoming pride is acknowledging our ‘wrong doing.’ Verbal apology. The next step is ‘Repentance’ and the ‘True’ Change in ‘Actions’ - motivated by our heart - God looks at the sincerity of the ‘heart’ -or lack thereof… ‘in’ ALL… throughout ‘ALL’ of their lives in all their dealings. Faith without works is truly dead. And yes, ‘even-those’ who don’t believe in Him and set out to war with those who do.

He loves them too. But those who truly Know Him don’t need to call it ‘belief’ in Him, other than to explain the definition of ‘Knowing’ being at best defined in ‘deep-seated’ “belief”used in context with ‘Intuition’ rather than any kind of agnostic belief - and further in expression of humans who may be defined as ‘extra’ sensory. Yet what we label ‘extra’ -just like ‘extra’ terrestrials- land beings, earth or otherwise, is not ‘actually’ ‘extra’ - more like ‘latent’ stored up sensory ‘within’ - that spans space and time.

But back to the moral in this one - trying to come back around to say sorry to anyone of such Faith - requires ‘no more projections’ outward - how they respond, like anyone not claiming a faith in God, doesn’t matter- you chose to lie to them, turn on them, collaborate with others on them, instead. And those are actions which they forgave the moment they walked away.  So again, be aware, what you do (even) apologizing is actually for ‘your’ Spiritual growth not theirs… what you do is between ‘you’ and ‘God’ - not ‘them’ and God.

Because you already played your hand toward ‘their’ Spiritual growth- and this is the first step to ‘repentance’ - and (again) these are two similar but very different things. One (apology) simply acknowledges what the error in thought, intention, word, action was. Repentance is grounded in Empathy and ‘Forgiveness of Self’ as well…

Just like many are not ‘born’ Empaths literally feeling others emotions and thoughts like they’re their own (aka) those whom are much more sensitive to energy, inclined toward peace, helpfulness, kindness, love, support, compassion, encouragement etc- but ‘all’ regardless, at some point in life, are ‘taught’ empathy.

Many others will take on a lifetime like an awakened Empath’s (in time) as part of their own Spiritual Ascension process as we are ‘always’ ascending from whatever degree of heaven or hell we are in, on our journey, as long as we are seeking and applying ourselves toward God and our Soul Purpose for the ‘Whole’ we are living as Sons and Daughters of God (which is The All) and ‘for’ The All. It is not self-centered.

If you’re not ‘truly’ repentant and just in fear of punishment, and that’s the motivation for coming back around to anyone who was taken off your path - energetically and ‘literally’ -is the equivalence of asking God to ‘double’ your karma for even trying to dodge consequences of your own doings- to come back around to them with any of the same pride or disingenuous (self centered) intentions to use them, just to ‘avoid’ accountability and be shielded. Afraid and intimidated by them (when they aren’t even scary) and running rather than facing them is like running from God too. Running from Love. Soul Ascension does not happen by running and hiding and avoiding Truth with anyone -certainly not with God.

Moral of the story. Keep it real. And stay away from anyone in your mind that you believe can ‘shield’ you of your karma (all the more) that which you acquired by squandering them—yes they forgive you ‘truly’ as truly as they ever loved you and ‘always’ will…and yes, their intuition already knew what kind of demons you were dealing with and that their Light drove those demons of yours mad- and they ‘truly’ wanted to see you heal so they stood by. For as long as God would have them stay depending on what was needed for the Spiritual Sight to be had all around. They ‘truly’ wanted to be a bridge for you back to Ascension in Spirit. Back to the internal sense of being embraced by God’s Love.

They were the individual(s) meant to come in, show you unconditional love and help you heal, when they did. Sent by God Himself and the Angels as opportunities to ‘get on Path’. You were at a crossroads and the hope for everyone in Spirit was that you would choose the Higher Path and choose God. Free will ensues nevertheless. God’s Golden Blessings for you, He watched as you mocked, laughed at, played in their face, spoke ill behind their back, and somehow loved them. So He recognized your Soul could receive Him but your pride stood in the way, if you could treat another child of His with such contempt who only loved you.

He also saw your remorse and guilt for the way you projected on them and treated them, learning a little late. He also saw / sees your guilt and pride to this day. Your refusal to account for it. Your refusal to face them is also your refusal to face Him. You tuned them out, and refused to accept the Transparent Truth they were giving you. Yes, they were sent to help you find the Truth within your own being and to Ascend, out of dense ego and into the heart of your Spirit- which they could see- ‘you’ couldn’t see… so, when ya know, ya know. And now everyone reading this ‘knows.’ We hope…

You cannot deceptively siphon the energy of anyone -near or far- or even attempt to manipulate their mind and destiny (or hire someone else to) without God seeing, feeling, and hearing ‘every’ word and action and  ‘every’ ‘intention’ of the mind and heart toward the one(s) you spat in His Face with. Like they deserved it because you were wrong, and because ‘you’ decided they should pay for your own karma—not God. He did not decide that. He decided to show you ‘why’ they were the only one for the job when it came to you. As He watches you scratch your head like the light bulb is turning on.

Because if your pride is that great. If you can’t say whatever you say on their name ‘to’ their face directly, all the more reason for God to ‘show’ you ‘your’ own projections and what they feel like, including to Him. Projections you threw on the one(s) He sent in to show you ‘you’ but that it wasn’t truly ‘you’ as much as your projections on them weren’t accurate.

So don’t be foolish. Humans can be fooled but God cannot. And those who love and pray to Him earnestly and live honestly with themselves and everyone, are graced with even more ‘hipness’ in Spiritual gifts and Intuition, ‘because’ they only want to do right by God and others. Here for that sole, Soul Purpose. Yes, all human and like everyone- not perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist outside God’s Perfect Son, if I could throw my two-sense in to this download…

But to be clear, perfect at ‘heart’ - as in not setting out to lie to, cheat on, or deceive ‘anyone’ about intentions and about ourselves. If they project on us, we don’t take it personally. At least not once we passed that level. We love people for exactly where they are, even if we aren’t meant to keep walking side by side with them. We understand from a Higher ground.

So much so we can write out what you’re thinking when you’re thinking it and have no idea just ‘how many people’ need to read the same message, because multiple energies come through. So we say to the multitudes in the physical and unseen:

No one can make you want to do something that you have no willingness to work for in yourself ‘for’ yourself. No one can truly make you believe something you haven’t experienced yourself or reject profusely. No one can make you happy and healthy if you’re not willing to make ‘yourself’ happy and healthy. People can pray for you, but ‘no one’ can pray ‘for’ you ‘as’ ‘you’ to have ‘your’ relationship with God- especially if you see God as an opponent to you when He is the Creator of your Soul…

If you refuse to utter a prayer or mock anyone who does, how many prayers could go up for you and blessings prayed over you, but never reach you because God sees you trying to thieve from, finesse, slander, and laugh at the ones praying for you- when all He wanted to do was open your eyes and heart. People can teach you how to talk to them, how to respect them—through words and silence. God can and does do the same thing, through ‘people.’ Humility is part of that process.

They can teach you how to pray even, but no one can ‘make you’ do it—even if God was the only one who truly could ‘make’ you…it wouldn’t be ‘free will’ if He ‘made’ you do anything at all. You choose it. He gives you all the time in the world that ‘you’ deserve. Only He knows what that looks like too.

Your Soul chooses it in order to wake you up to the difference between your ego and wholeness of Soul. Self-will & Will-of-God and how they are to be complimentary in compatibility. God does not seek to control you either; rather watch and see where your ‘natural’ Spiritual development is at, even with angels in your face and all around you there to guide you. And yes people can respect boundaries, but not if they don’t exist. Take accountability over yourself and ‘all’ choices.

If you’ve looked at people like objects to your own self-interests, and you cannot recognize why your Spirit is in turmoil and can’t rest; that’s why. The ego can lie. Spirit, Intuition, Soul , GOD does not. Make Peace in understanding with this. The Soul craves God. The Soul craves Real Love and Real Ascension in God. The Ego craves The Ego alone.

If your 3D self is out of line with your Higher Soul Purpose (aka) the choices your soul made with other souls prior to incarnation, and you know you have an ego issue—your intuition keeps nudging or won’t let you let something or someone go- what is it asking you? Consider this -what God is asking of you. If life is not in alignment with where the Soul wanted to be at this point, due to the 3D Ego (Devil) battling it out, hold your chair because it does feel like hell. It can get stormy. It can get hellish when God (The Universe Itself) is letting you know you are more than a body and your time is running up…

Life is a gift God gives us to ‘wake up’ to our Spirit and Sovereignty, but not abuse it - and what the Soul truly cares about and is here to do as part of a ‘whole’ ‘one’ ‘Spirit’ (Human) race. That is simply not the same as ‘ego’ of mankind. So, what’s left to say but ‘face your demons’ dear world of all of us - God and the Devil are in the Big Bang of human creation and the earth we soak in, and there is a history there. One that started in Spirit. Understand that all is Spirit.

We cannot truly heal and Ascend with shortcuts or bypassing what our Soul knows is part of our own schooling in the integration process of ‘becoming’ our Highest Version on earth-but manipulation of anyone’s energy whom you did not announce yourself to or ‘ask’ them to siphon their energy off of with dark deeds of any kind (aka) evil eye, theft, slander, black magic etc.- lands you in the “Spiritual Crimes” Course of Earth’s schooling (or dimensional holding cell) for as long that takes or as hard as it gets.

And if you’re not listening up in ‘that’ course, you ‘truly’ want to wake up sooner than later…what goes out must come back. Above all pray, pray, pray, because that’s the ‘only’ way. God is ‘all’ we ‘need’ - everything else is  just added bonuses…

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