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The ‘greatest’ blessing in the world…and as my first baby, Hannah Rose, was growing in my belly, I wrote the song ‘Another Day’ for her, with the start of a plan to make a lullaby CD…one day I keep telling myself, ‘that’ will finally happen too.

11 years old come December 17th (2012) born 4 days early from her original due date of the 21st -the day the world “ended” according to the Mayan Calendar- and could of lost her to meconium poisoning as she unleashed as soon as she was out and not a second sooner would she have survived it, it was ‘that’ much; the nurses were floored and said they’d never witnessed anything like that amount…I praised God.

As it hit me hard tonight all the more, on what ‘sheer’ ‘Grace’ she is…as she was texting me from her dad’s house, the thousand and one hugs, hearts, and sweetest words, as she always does when she’s not home with me, “mommy, I don’t know how I got so lucky to have the best mommy in the whole world, I LOVE you SO much, I can’t even explain how much I LOVE YOU…” and on and on, as we go back and forth one-upping each-other with the “I Love you ‘more’” and “mostest” and “infinity” ….all emojis, hugs & kisses, memes. Tonight I sent her the “Birdy” Angels cover song at bedtime and her response overwhelmed my heart…

To this one I wrote for her, as she was and is, as her name ‘Hannah Rose’ (Grace of God-Giver of Love) defines her, and she is the full embodiment of; to her sisters who joined us later on to compete the three best days of my entire life: Adelynn May (Noble) September 12th, 2014 and Sophia Grace (Holy Wisdom) July 8th, 2016 - as all three spoke to me and told me their names before I was ever pregnant with them.

As I understood later on, they are the symbolic and literal ‘gems’ on their Mama’s Crown, and 👑crowned on their own. Not one of them had the name I had always planned on naming my baby girl “Sienna Rose” -but it was just one more piece of their sheer magic and glory, my Earth Angels, who each arrived right on time and brought their own unique package of endless quirks, sweetness, pure ‘Holy’ Love and affection to my life, heart, and Soul. Each of their births, in the recovery rooms at least one or two nurses had said every time they entered our hospital room they felt uplifted, and so peaceful, like there was something in the air.

And as I reflect tonight on things that didn’t go my way in life and much hardship, I think about the three most beautiful blessings that surpassed any and every hardship; thinking to myself: “And that’s ‘so’ God like that” - His Jeremiah 29:11 (11:11) ‘Promise’ to me since I was a young girl and all I ever wanted to be was a mother; especially to girls, so I could love them in the ways I never fully felt from my own parents, but gave to my baby dolls pretending they were real …

And however desperate I was for a boy as well, whom I do believe was my miscarriage ‘twins’, and one of them (Adelynn) to return to me months later… Jeremiah 29:11 has been fulfilled for me, as it only gets ‘better and more’ ‘fulfilling’ every single day, as the mother to the three most incredible daughters, growing way too fast, who will always be my babies. As I tell them, I don’t care if they’re 35 and have children of their own, I will hold them like I hold my grand babies one, and ‘another day’ always and forever…

I realize the beauty in all the pain I’ve ever experienced in life, as it all led to the overwhelming gratitude to God for giving me ‘them’ ‘exactly’ who they are. I don’t know where or who I’d be without them and their overflowing love. With every ‘Another Day’ my heart and Soul burst with more and more Love, never ending gratitude, as if it couldn’t get any better and then it does… watching them, all three ‘Old Souls’ & Ascended Masters in their own rite, as they mature and teach me more than I could probably ever teach them.

As I told Hannah tonight while we were texting back and forth as we do every night that she’s at her dad’s, and she wanted to out-Love me; “just wait” I said, until you’re a mother one day, and you’ll understand, there’s no greater Love, than what you feel for your babies” …as there are just not enough words in Webster’s to describe it. And there never will be…they blow me away with their love, wit, humor, and constant ‘shine’… the sun, moon, stars, and multiverse in their eyes…

How beautiful, affectionate, loving, and full of tender words, letters, and gifts they make me; melt my heart with the word “mama” (Adelynn) and “mommy” (Hannah and Sophia) they’re ‘everything’ and ‘beyond’ my dreams come true, as though ‘tailor-made’ to my Soul…and loved by all, wherever they go. They are the ‘Sunshine’…

All three constantly requested for playdates, slumber parties, even trips with the friends that love and adore them, and the sweetest compliments their friends parents are always paying them to me…and coming home with sweet letters and notes that their friends write to them at school, gifts they make for their friends or friends make for them…the way they thrive in school and lead by example.

‘Motherhood’ …there’s just ‘nothing’ else that could ‘ever’ quite compare to such Love. Thank you Lord for giving me Jeremiah 29:11 three times over with three times the Earth Angels.

I’ll never be able to thank you, God, enough;You are ‘so’ good…

'Another Day'🫶🫶🫶

Yours Forever,




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