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Lucky = Blessed by God…

One, two, maybe a few…they’re the one(s) you can talk with for hours on the phone, even if you just saw each other… they’re the one(s) you want to call when you’ve had a rough week or an amazing week… they’re the ones you will 'want' advice from, and they're the one(s) who wouldn’t dream of speaking ill on your name or being fake to your face...

They're the one(s) who truly care about 'you' and don’t go through others to ask about you or to relay a message to...they’re the one(s) you call ‘Soulmate’ through and through, and the one(s) you thank God for giving to you...

Beacuse just one true and loyal, loving, devoted friend who can’t be taken from you, even if others try, are worth a thousand relatives to another thousand fake and spectating ones, who will watch you, while pretending not to...

Yes, cherish those who ‘truly’ cherish you and speak directly with you, without anything to hide, prove, or compete with you because they grow 'with' you; they are ‘truly’ 'rare' and they’re ‘truly’ 'blessings' that feel like 'luck' as they are time-tested 'truly' 'life-long' sisters or brothers, who cherish you as you cherish them too, true, and through 🫶🫶🫶



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