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It doesn’t dawn on me until it does…

That many as they are Awakening now in greater numbers and frequencies on the planet are higher as Earth (Gaia) Herself also Ascends—many, many are truly ‘Seeking’ the ‘answers’ concerning the Soul and Jesus (Yeshua) no longer ‘close minded’ yet more what we’d term “Agnostic” as in ‘unsure.’ So, I’m being called to speak on this. “Man is only appointed to die ‘once’” has to do with the physical man, personality and expression, ‘not’ the Soul-Spirit ‘of’ the Man. For all those Seekers out there, locked into any fear-based, fundamental religious programming yet on the path of ‘Awakening’ and ‘recollecting’ their Soul’s consciousness—allow The Holy Spirit I am surrendered to, through me, to explain the ‘fact’ of the matter. It is not of ‘me’ or in ‘me’ as Naomi, alone.

Of course most do not ‘remember’ their past lives because it’s part of the experience. ‘Grace of God’ one could say, to forget. But the Soul holds all the records and is on a slow-drip serum of ‘asking’ the right questions and actually ‘seeking’ out the evidence of its ‘own’ Inner ‘knowing’ as the unconscious 3D mind is being integrated into that Inner-standing ‘in’ Spirit of the physical form and all its faculties: Ego, Rationale, Persona, and eternal Spirit (sense of timelessness) in ‘one’ physical vessel.

Those in tune enough and not conditioned and programmed by society ‘yet’ - before the age of 5 - often ‘do’ remember, until their older ages and the ‘amnesia’ happens again for the sake of ‘karma’ (co-creation ownership / accountability and ‘balance’ of each Soul expression of God) and picking up the Soul’s process of Awakening and Ascension from where it ‘left off’ ‘as’ the eternal Soul-Spirt created by God that 'it' is.

Never underestimate the children- it’s not always their “imaginary” friends they are hearing from or speaking to through thin air. ‘Faith like a Child’ because they are the ones who teach us the most, ‘if’ we are willing to listen and learn. Regardless of whether we believe ourselves ‘intuitive’, 'spiritual' or not. Our children are our ‘teachers’. The reality is we ‘are’ eternal ‘Spirit ‘having’ a ‘human’ experience. Spirit may be more feminine or masculine in nature depending on the Soul’s original creation point by God, so in human-body form it takes “man” or “woman” as a gender but ‘everyone’ has both masculine and feminine energy (Spirit) and the ‘goal’ is to balance the two no matter what ‘gender’ the body takes on…

This explains everything from homosexuality, gender fluidity, transgender, to unfounded phobias, and especially the ‘children’ remembering their own past lives, which has been well documented by Paranormal researchers. For anyone reading this, get your hands on the book “Life Before Life” by Ian Stephenson and Jim Tucker M.D. It's an amazing and very insightful read, without a 'bias' of the researchers and authors. I’d have to go through my library of books in garage storage, and double check as I go off memory. I’ve read ‘a lot’ of stories of these children and there’s a common ground between everything from unfounded  ‘phobias’ to children meeting different people outside their own family, and having emotional attachment issues to them.

One little girl in the U.S. for example who was four years old and had a strong emotional attachment to her swim coach if I recall correctly? Don’t quote me on that—turns out in the previous life she was miscarried (or aborted) by her, ‘if’ I recall that one right…it’s been well over 15 years since I read it…memory isn't serving pristine at the moment; or another little boy in the same book, in India I believe, who had been insisting that he wanted to go ‘home’ and led his current family 500 miles by boat having no way of knowing prior, as a child who’d never left his village, but was ‘adamant’ and insisting on his family taking him until they finally caved…he led them to his previous home where he was a woman prior who passed in her old age, walked in and wanted to wear all her jewelry and clothing, and looking at photos saying who was who—the family recognized the little boy as the reincarnation of their mother / grandmother and that alone felt to ‘all’ of them like a joyful, blissful homecoming of her in this young boy…

Or just look up stories on YouTube of children who remember their past life. There’s quite a number of them. And concerning Yeshua, The Christ Lord and Savior, 1st Soul-Expression & Begotten Son of God is the trifold three in One Spirit of ‘all’ timelines since His 1st Creation point, prior to He or any other Soul taking ‘physical’ shape. "The first and last Adam" as we read in Scripture, or ‘Atom’ one might go further in to the quantum. It was just the timeline of His Sacrifice for the world that we attribute Him as ‘Prophesied Redeemer', 'Lord’ and ‘Savior’ but He was ‘always’ 'destined' to be, has been, is, and is to come…

Prophetic understanding was and is given to all who are awakened enough to receive it. But even Satan and the demons themselves know He is Lord. As their knee shall eventually bow all the same. As it is written “Every knee shall bow and tongue confess that He is Lord” - in time, as ‘all’ going from ‘Unconscious’ to ‘Conscious’ ‘in’ the body-physical-Temple, but the four man-made walls of the Church, priests, pastors, and elders of, are 'not' the ‘medium’ 'itself'. That domain is His alone. All such others, yet another 'construct' of man, not ‘God’, hence why He prayed “Father Forgive them for they know ‘not’ what they do” - binding people through power, politics, business, buildings, and man-made rules. If the Holy Spirit is not present and activated in all within the Church, there is no difference outside of the Church.

His Consciousness and Divine Inner-standing ‘as’ God’s Son and physical embodiment of God Himself in One, Holy Spirit in One, superseded that of the Consciousness of His day ‘as’ thee prophesied Yeshua, ‘The Christ’ and Lord, Redeemer of Man....

But He too (in prior) incarnations had his own ‘fall’ when taking ‘physical’ form, thus He ‘is’ the Way, Truth, and Life, back to God, as He declared 'Himself' the Medium, having gone through His Own Ascension and back to His fullness of Origin Point and Union with The Most High God, prior to His Life in the prophesied body of ‘Yeshua’ -therefore descending into physical matter, “God-Himself” - yet also ‘Son of Man’ —human, as He demonstrated both, in ‘full’ surrender to “The Holy Spirit / God The Father / Most High in ‘One’, teaching us ‘how’ to pray The Lord’s Prayer, which is one of ‘surrender’ to God and ‘His’ Will having seen and seeing ‘all’ since the foundations of creation itself…and He did not make Himself any exception. He pointed to The Most High God, The Father, even understanding, Inner-Standing Who He was since childhood.

Recall that not even Yeshua knew the ‘day or hour’ until it came and He wept in the Garden of Gethsemane asking “if this cup should pass” - meaning, “Father if there’s ‘any’ other way” (human emotion) but “Not ‘My’ Will, Yours be done” … and it was done so that He ‘would be’ glorified ‘in God’ ‘as’ The Lord Above Lords, and Son of God Himself (1st Begotten) among ‘all’ Souls in Creation, in Heaven and Earth, and ‘as’ the ‘Perfect’ Son of God in ‘Spirit’ ‘and ‘physical’ expression of unconditional Love, Forgiveness (For-giving), Righteous Indignation, Mercy, Compassion, ‘and’ Grace in ‘One’ as the ‘bridge’ - "No man comes to the Father ‘except’ through Me" as He 'is' One with the Air we breathe as hu-man (god-man) and bodiless eternal Spirit: “for I and My Father are One” - just like no one moves from one room to another without moving through the very air ‘all’ around. He is ‘The Way’ to God for others to “follow” because of what He imparted to all: “Truth and Divine Unconditional Love 'fully' Embodied”

Yet, as man-made religion and fundamental programming denied the pre-existence of the Soul, and acted as the human-medium to God where no one can be, but ‘Christ’ Himself in ‘proper’ ‘Holy Reverent Fear' (not the same as 'fear' of ‘punishment’) as all else are in ‘His’ Body, in ‘His-Story’ (history) …Man’s hunger for power and manipulation of God into politics; through the merging of church and state, being man-made ‘is’ the ‘Beast’ itself. To keep God’s own Souls locked into 3rd dimensional constructs of control, fear, and punishment.

But Christ came to ‘destroy’ the Beast and den of thieves—and to fulfill the words of Isaiah and the rest of the prophets. Let all those who have ears to hear, hear. In this ‘hearing’ and Activation of The Holy Spirit within (where the Kingdom of Heaven is) do we earn our Christhood title ‘in’ Him…that we are ‘Saved’ 'by' Him, His Grace, Redemption, and Gift ‘of’ Himself in Spirit and the physical, Sent by God, to be ‘The’ Light of the World…which isn’t a matter of mere ‘words’ and just saying we ‘believe’ but a condition of the ‘heart’ mind and Spirit of ‘Knowing’ it. “Be still and ‘know’ that I Am God”- full surrender ‘in’ and ‘to’ Him, which He ‘is’ the only medium within such a paradigm of Creation itself, of such transcendence for the ‘hu-man’ (god-man) into 'full remembrance' of The Holy Spirit within and without, not placed in a construct or man-made box. Symbolically, we eat and drink and bless in His Name, in 'remembrance' of Him and His is an act of Worship in the 'heart' and 'Spirit' not about the ritual itself.

What makes one a ‘Christian’ is not the label itself or the organization and denomination of a four-walled building made by man, or a belief in reincarnation or not; but being a ‘follower’ of ‘Christ’ - Raboni; Teacher, Master, Lord and Savior of man’s Soul and Consciousness, in The Most High God...Let those who have ears to hear, hear…

With Unconditional Love,


Faithful Follower of My Redeemer, Lord, and King

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