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Are You An Earth Angel?

It’s about ‘The Heart’ of Christ and The Higher Power we call ‘Love’ …

You’re highly sensitive, empathic, and intuitive; you feel guided by the gut instincts you receive, that are sometimes ‘very’ physical. You possess an Empathy and Clair-Sentience that is beyond what you witness in others, as you are here to feel their pain and to help guide them in a way that is relatable through the ‘Heart’ space. You were built with an innate understanding of the world and your Purpose in it. You were born to lead, not to follow the crowd.

Since you were a child, you’ve been told you’re ‘wise beyond your years’ or may have often been called an ‘Old Soul’, which helped awaken your Spirit all the more. Through all life’s challenges, and there have been many you were pitted against, through verbal, psychological, emotional, or physical abuse: you heal yourself through your innate knowing that ‘all’ is as it 'is' (and you accept this) so that you may evolve and teach others how to change their perspective and how to heal through the unconditional love of God (aka) 'Love' that is innate to your being. You want the best for everyone regardless of whether they’ve hurt you the most or not. You hold optimism because you know that there is a Mission you came here for. That Mission is 'Source' God: 'Light & Love’ Itself and you are ‘committed’ in your Spirit to this Mission.

You’re creative and hold a vast imagination. You're a lucid dreamer, and may even find yourself spending more time in the Spirit realm in your dreams, meeting with those who are unseen and guiding you. You may have been born with the 'Caul' or 'The Veil'. The amniotic white, milky fluid covering your face. Visions and inspirations seem to just ‘drop in’ like downloads as you compose music and art or take to the theatre in physical expression of the Spirit you hold, through the vehicle of your vessel. You are gifted in discernment and choose to walk the path of humility and kindness, boldly and courageously even in the face of persecution; gentle and equally strong in your Spiritual battles. You are a warrior for The Light of Love (Source God).

You tend to be someone wherever you go, where perfect strangers, or the cashier at the grocery store can’t help but want to talk to you and just start telling you about the personal things they are going through. Your empathy and kindness is ‘felt’ before you ever say a word. You’re a wonderful listener and you always know ‘exactly’ what to say; you’ve been told this many times. People feel energized in your presence as though they too can conquer their demons and battles. When asked for advice, the advice you give comes from Higher Knowledge and Wisdom that is deep within your ‘Knowing’ and 'Aura' you exude.

You love spending time with animals and in Nature as you understand your Spirit is One with, and the Source of Life that nourishes your Soul lies in the beauty of all around you; you hug trees and you give gratitude to Source-God-Love for all of Creation. When you are feeling drained or mourning the woes of the pain in the world, being in Nature and in water rejuvenates your mind, body, and Spirit and reignites your sense of Higher Purpose.

You’re very spiritual and believe in a Higher Power even if you don’t know what to ‘call’ it or the term ‘God’ just doesn’t seem to fully encapsulate it given the many negative associations the human ego projects. You see and ‘feel’ the connection of ‘All’ as ‘One’ and connected in The Multiverse and your sense within it is of a ‘Higher’ calling by that ‘Higher’ Power.

You enjoy being alone and aren’t ‘lonely’ in your solitude. You enjoy the quiet and peace of your energy shielded from large crowds and noises. You enjoy volunteering and giving back to your community and to those less fortunate. You support the causes for women and children being rescued out of the horrors of abuse and may find yourself gravitate to such fields of employment.

You’re not the least bit competitive, though you may find in life how many seek to compete with you. You don’t understand why as this is not the Spirit you hold, but your Light, your Aura attracts all those of high and low vibration; healed and unhealed. Those who wish to war with you, as innocent and pure at heart as you are, are ultimately at war with the Spirit you hold as your Light irritates their demons. They unconsciously understand they are ultimately at war with themselves.

Those whom seek to control The Higher Power in you, cannot control it within themselves; you understand this. Being highly sensitive, you feel what they feel and understand you cannot take it personally so you pray for them and wish for their ultimate healing. You are forgiving and unconditionally loving, even when you must detach from those that seek to compete with you to drain you of The Light you hold. You struggle in your relationships because you understand things beyond the human ego and speak to them, exude them. You are a born healer. You are a free-spirit.

You may have been born into a broken, abusive home and this was by choice prior to taking physical embodiment. You may feel watched and targeted your whole life. You feel as though there are those who seek to hide your gifts and horde you to themselves, trying to possess you for their own gain, as your energy feeds Life. With your Higher Power, you chose your parents and family and all your life lessons.

Throughout life, you have attracted emotionally abusive, narcissistic-injured individuals, because of your Mission to heal and bring enlightenment. First to yourself, and then to others. You hold no scores even if this is projected on you. Sometimes you feel out of place and longing for ‘Home’ as you also know ‘Home’ never left you nor did you leave it.

You're a Soujourner of the Cosmos, and will return to the place you came from. Some call you a Star-Seed or tell you, they feel like you were an Angel sent to them. And this makes you feel all the more connected to the innate knowing you hold, in your Higher Purpose for being on Earth. You are a ‘Natural Healer.’ You hold Ancient Knowledge of plants and quantum healing modalities that are ‘intuitive’ -not taught. You need no certification for the healing vibration you hold and exude.

You may not like to commit, unless it is with another 'healed' Earth Angel, and truly brings more peace to your Soul. As an earth Angel you may move around a lot. Change jobs frequently. You do not feel tethered to the material realm and constructs created on it, as those you are here to help and guide, do. The ‘Modern’ world often feels foreign to you, as though you belong in another time period. Your truest desire is that all would live in harmony with one another as it is from the ‘Place’ your Soul originated. You may not ‘remember’ but you ‘remember’ all the same.

You are a caregiver, an activist, powerful in your voice and energy, even when speaking gently. You hold a compassion for yourself and others that seems unmatched and rare. You see the value of the animal kingdom and all walks of them gravitate to you. You may even sense a telepathic connection to them as they understand what you think and feel and you understand what they do. You communicate effortlessly with them.

You set aside time to feed yourself nourishing foods, to pray, meditate and to care for yourself, as you understand this comes first, before you are truly able to give 'of' yourself. You fill up your half 'full' (not empty) cup. When you notice you are giving out too much energy, there becomes an imbalance within you, so you ‘naturally’ withdraw into solitude and connect to your Spirt to rejuvenate. You are blessed with immense and diverse talent and an overflow of creativity.

As you take the time to care for yourself and use your gifts as a means to connect to your Higher Power, you activate more and more of your innate abilities. You are enigmatic and charismatic by Nature, even in your quiet meekness. You may sing, dance, play instruments, make art, graphic designs, and write to heal yourself and offer it up to the world as you bring healing to others.

As you grow and evolve, you learn how to set healthy boundaries and stick to them. As a result you begin to attract and develop supportive, loving relationships where there is no imbalance of give and take. You begin to feel as though ‘Heaven’ is ‘on’ Earth as you find those members of your Higher Soul group. There is no religious or ethnic label that divides you from them, as you are like ‘One Spirit’ in numerous expressions; each of you chose to incarnate in different backgrounds and to go through the hardships in your first half of life in order to come together in the second half, to demonstrate ‘Unity Consciousness’ as ‘One’ Higher Force of Love.

Through one another, you learn to 'remember' that you cannot help ‘everyone’ and where you are called to release and walk away, you do it in Love and Prayer to the Higher Power within you and those that guide the ones you must leave to ‘God’. Your discernment only strengths and the gifts you were given only become more powerful and effective. You do not allow the projections of others to stop you from remembering and 'Being' who you 'Authentically' are. You do not seek the validation of others who try to hide or horde your Light; you shine even brighter, in connection with those who shine with you in The Light you share.

You may get a lot of callouses or planters warts on your feet, as ‘Angels’ don’t 'wear' shoes; you walk the earth and absorb the pain of it, to transmute it. You are a natural Alchemist. You ground yourself in Nature and stand barefoot in the dirt and grass, receiving negative ions that connect and plug you into Earth's Higher Frequency Grid of ‘all’ timelines and events held in the ‘Memory’ of Earth Herself.

No matter your physical appearance, you posses that 'je ne sais quoi' - a rare beauty that shines from the inside out and it is noticed wherever you go, even when you wish it not the case. You may find that people stare at you as though they are trying to figure out ‘why’ your presence is so strong and felt before you ever walked into a room. This is The Light (of the Heart of Christ) that you naturally exude and express.

You understand in being ‘human’ that ‘all’ including yourself have a shadow to face and heal, and The Light Within you is what ultimately heals your own and those all around you, connected as ‘One’ in the Higher Law of ‘One’ Source: Unconditional Love, Itself.

You are beauty unbound, Dear Angel, whether you’ve been told all your life or rarely at all, as this is a matter of your own Path and Soul’s Higher Calling, you innately ‘Know’ who you are and you never stop expressing who you are whether it is approved or not; you do not seek the validation of man, but of The Spirit you hold.

You are a glorious expression of that Light and Love. Stay strong Earth Angel, if you are still on earth, you hold a Power that is Timeless and massively transformative in Purpose that goes well beyond, to serve the Whole of Life.

You are the Spiritual Warrior, surrounded by those of the same in the ethers guiding you with that ‘big’ purpose you've innately known, since you were young, that you would achieve, and upon returning ‘Home’ -celebrating. You do not attach to the material realm but you use it to honor this Purpose and Mission within you that is shared with those that guide, support, and help you carry it through to completion. You know that 'The Divine' takes none 'Home' until they have completed what they came to...

You are here for it🫶



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