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Abuse Is Not Love…

Keep your Sadism…

far away from me, unless you’re ready for the ‘intense’ fire of karmic return upon yourselves, that will show up in ‘your’ kind ‘by’ those in your lives placed on your path who are a low-vibrational ‘match’ to serve you such. NO amount of love-bombing, flattery, smooth-talking, covert, sadistic, criminal-mind is going to get into my emotional space, not for long at least. I love and forgive (unconditionally) from a ‘far distance’ with all those types who’ve ever tried me, sniffing out my empathy like a drug; because I ‘still’ See you as Souls ‘loved’ by God, on your own journeys, as I ‘ever’ have.

But you won’t get in to my mind and emotions; and you’ll know it when you feel the heaviest resistance I show you as I sniff out your agenda from the go; whether I pretend I don’t see it right away, or speak on it right away; and leave you believing what you want to in ‘that’ process because I understand God is testing ‘all’ in the purity of their heart and intentions; all the more, I know who ‘I’ Am and what ‘My Purpose’ is, in all lives that cross my path; before a closed door all together should that be the case, as I read through you like a book and leave you to God.

No matter any Soul history that I am privy to Awareness on, with deep understanding,  because God walks and talks closely with me; yes, I understand ‘exactly’ what you need, ‘because’ He speaks it to me in the moment. All else, I do not concern myself with. Even when that means ‘no’ access for you in my energy…’so be it’ —I’ say to The Lord of Lords who speaks clearly to my Intuition, Discernment, Mind, Heart, Spirit, and Physical Vessel in One.

All the same, no past ‘unhealed’ individual blaming me for their ‘own’ lies, deceit, and abuse of any kind, is going to come in or send ‘anyone’ my way with an agenda to try again, when I’ve ‘been’ living the single life for years now, independent, joyfully so; devoted to the healing path in the world, in the form I Am instructed to provide, and ‘only’ in that form; which anyone else on my social platforms receives through me, all the same, should they ‘choose’ to receive The Holy Spirit in Me; to be pointed in the direction I point (to Christ) and should they choose to ask for and seek healing ‘in’ Christ. I do ‘not’ ‘do’ the healing work (all around) for ‘anyone’ nor provide the Faith within required, as a Messenger of Christ, I point the world to ‘Him’. That comes from within, and the use of free-will to ask The Holy Spirit. Because I Am ‘not’ your Supreme God, Creator nor Redeemer.

And I am ‘not’ ‘all’ seeing and ‘all’ knowing of all; but I ‘do’ pray to My Maker ‘all’ day long, and listen to what He says ‘as’ He speaks to me on ‘you’… My Maker, The One who IS ETERNALLY ‘ALL’ Seeing & ‘ALL’ Knowing—and you’d have to get past the many, many Hosts of Angelic Armies & Spiritual-Warrior Ancestors; whom surround, protect, watch over and ‘walk with’ me and mine; our heart, mind, body, and Spirit, to achieve what we came to, for the Purpose of Awakening Souls on the planet to their Higher Consciousness, yours included…but I will continue to tell you (right here alone) to go seek healing…to go seek God, in Christ, your only hope…because there is no death. All Souls are eternal, and for better or worse carry over their mind, psychology, heart, and deeds to account for themselves in kind, all the more as they’ve been given ‘all’ the Truth.

Because trying to deceive, control, and possess anyone who ‘only’ wishes you healing and spiritual well-being, ‘only’ hurts ‘yourself’ in the end; ten, twenty, fifty fold. Love is not ‘attachment’, gaslighting, love-bombing, or emotional co-dependency. It is wanting the ‘best’ for another. It is evolving with someone and growing with them. It is not punishing them for doing so. There is no possession to it. Love is Patient, Kind, and Truthful and does ‘not’ set out to deceive or harm another. It is ‘sincerely’ loving of them in the Soul and wanting their spiritual-well being first and foremost as ‘all other’ well-being (emotional, psychological, physical) follows. Vice versa all the more. Love is not for selfish-gain.

So, trying to project your own insecurities and sadistic mind on to me, or anyone you see as prey for the taking or ‘easy’ sacrifice; to create emotional-co-dependency and insecurity in them; on those who do ‘not’ suffer from those issues, and posses Self-Love in its highest form; all the more embraced and chosen by God Himself—you are already destined for your own self-defeat in even ‘trying’. Evil does ‘not’ ever prosper in the end—for ‘any’ Soul. And it shall be your life lesson and perhaps lifetimes to come, after the period of time served in the ethers; that God ‘alone’ may judge in righteousness and loving discipline—If you’ve known me at all, you ought ‘know’ by now, I am ‘not’ here to ‘pacify’ your spiritual, mental, psychological disease—but to help you, help yourself; to wake up and look in your own mirror so that you can take the appropriate measures and actions to change what you see for the good of yourself and ‘all’ others while the gift of ‘breath’ is still given to your lungs…



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