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Prophetic Warning🇷🇺🇨🇳🇺🇸

Russia, China, United States…

you know what I’m speaking on, so rather than send Americans into premature descent, to provide all the intel that U.S. former director of the CIA has already warned on—let me warn you from the Highest Consciousness of the gravest consequences unto yourselves and only yourselves; those of you maliciously conspiring and pre-meditating this devastating attack on U.S. Soil. All the time you’ve wasted believing your underground bunkers and supplies can save you when you won’t even be alive in body…

You self-deceive but as part of my Higher Calling, in the Knowing of what God speaks to me; I warn you to HEED this warning for your own sake. There are many, many in our skies; advanced civilization prepared to ‘first’ take your lives to the grave before you are capable of setting off any nuclear H.E.M.P High Altitude Electro Magnetic Pulse weapon. These H.E.M.P weapons you’ve invested in will be deactivated ‘before’ you can even pull the trigger.

You will wake up ‘without’ your bodies on the other side of these weapons and all that was intended by ‘you’ upon millions of people, shall be yours ‘alone’ to experience in the Hell you’ve created for your Souls to experience your own creations. As these weapons will be deactivated ‘anyway’ and you shall dwell together, experiencing all the effects of what you intended to cause. Your Souls will cry out for saving and Mercy, and The Most High God shall close His ears.

The 365 day blackout, no electricity, no power for devices, starvation, utter and grave despair for even a ‘drop of water’ to satisfy your thirst will ensue upon your timely deaths. There will be no drop of water in the Hell you have created for yourselves ‘all this time’ in the planning and preparation of such Mass Destructive Covert Nuclear Weapons.

The pandemonium that was intended for millions of people will be ‘all’ ‘yours’ and ‘only’ yours to bear in the torments of what you yourselves wanted to do to the world and to Christ’s Faithful upon it. Make no mistake about it. This is your ONLY warning before it is too late for you. As those 365 days in the timeless time-construct of parallel reality will be 365 thousand years for your Souls in the Hell you create. The Most High God shall not annihilate your Souls, as ‘all’ Souls are Eternal and through your mis-use of free-will and having been given the consequences of such,  in Truth by those Anointed to give you ‘The Truth’ before you carry on;

As you suffer in psychological torment, feeling your physical bodies even though you will be out of the body; you will want to rip off the skin you don’t have, as the heat will be too torturous to bear—yet you will bear it for 365 thousand years of ‘earth’ time—in the timeless dimension of your own Hell. You will not be able to cry out from the ashes and fire of Hell that you “did not know” what you were doing. As this message will be the only message you will repeat over and over again for 365 thousand years. Crying out that you “did not know” is no longer an option, as you are given this full and COMPLETE WARNING TO HEED! HEAR IT & HEAR IT WELL!!! HEED IT & HEED IT WELL!!! For the sake of your own eternal Souls.

And fall to your knees and REPENT while there is still breath in your lungs, for no man knows the day nor hour in which The Most High God takes man’s final breath. The Most High God, through The Living Christ and Redeemer of Man, is Merciful while there is breath in the lungs; this is a GIFT itself, that you alone gamble with the fate of your own Souls; indeed, you ONLY gamble your own ‘eternal’ fate as those 365 thousand years only ‘increase’ with this warning should you ‘not’ HEED it… it SHALL in Truth ‘feel’ ‘never’ ending in this place of Hell ‘you’ve’ created, awaiting you. Not one shall be sacrificed that doesn’t belong with you…

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, let all Evil plans against Innocence fall; unto the grave before their plots succeed, in Truth and Fairness of their own wicked deeds; as The Glory of Christ be made Known, in all foreign lands and Souls unsown; NO man supreme above the Heavenly Hosts, under One God & Ruler, let NO man boast; lest Your Almighty Hand, with just one blow, remind such Souls, they reap as they sow…


Messenger of Christ,

Daughter of The Most High God

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